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luv x3 always

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hello stranger [Monday
Sep 19th, at 7:02pm 05 ]
[ mood | upbeat* ]

I know, I never update, so kill me. I've been spending a lot of time with Ronnie in New Hampshire. I love him so much, it's great. We went to his step dad's, Armand's, surprise 50th birthday party on saterday. His mom rented a hall at this really nice place. She also had a dunk tank. I can't believe he actually got in it, crazy. It wasn't even sunny out, there is no way you could get me in that if its not over 85º.

I really hope I get the job as A.J. Wright. I'm going to call tomorrow, about a week since I filled out the application.

November can't come fast enough. I can't wait to attend Paul Mitchell. It's so exciting that I get to go there. Ahh just thinking about it I get anxious to go!

Well it's dinner time.

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It's A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood, Would You Be Mine? [Thursday
Aug 25th, at 3:00pm 05 ]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey. It's allready 3 and I really havn't done much. I woke up at 11:45 so I could hang out with Tasha before she had to go to work at 2:45, but her dad forgot to put her work clothes in the wash so now she's stuck at home doing laundry instead. Which is no big deal I might see her later and there's always another day.

So I woke up, even though I really didn't want to, but I made myself. I went downstairs and sorted through some of my clothes and took as much as I could carry upstairs since I couldn't find a laundry basket. I hung up some clothes and folded others and cleaned my bureau draws out to make it nice and neat, then I made my bed, got dressed, and did my hair. I also organized the clothes in my closet. It goes sweaters and sweatshirts, skirts and dresses, long sleeve shirts, polos, t-shirts, tank tops, and work clothes. Ronnies cleanleness is rubbing off on me, I'm actually about to vacuum again and clean the floors in both my closets. Even though I just vacuumed last night, it never hurts to do it again.

Tonight I'm going to Fresh City with Elise for a Vegan meeting, which is pretty cool. We went there yesterday for lunch and they have good food. Elise is kind of nervous, yet also excited about this meeting. She's never been to one, nor have I, so she doesn't know what to expect. I have to pick her up at 6 because the meeting is at 6:30.

My mom should be home in a half hour which is good because I'm realy bored. I am going to go clean after this which should make me less bored.

Well I should go start on that.


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Friends Only Bitches! [Saturday
Aug 6th, at 11:54am 05 ]

Props to mxtapeheartache on my banner.
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Aug 6th, at 9:23am 05 ]
[ mood | pissed off ]


Ok well Tasha sucks hard!

She knew I was takin off the schedule today, she knew Sherri wanted me to call her(my manager) and she failed to tell me all this! Even when I mentioned I have work tomorrow last night.

Well I guess Sherri was pissed that I called out Sunday and brilliant Tasha told her why, because the night before I was in New Hampshire drinking with my boyfriend. WHO TELLS THE MANAGER THAT!

So I went all the way to work, woke up at effing 8 to get there and have her tell me I'm not on the schedule as my punishment. And now Les, the boss, is mad at me too, because Sherri has to tell him everything.

Fuck Bickfords.

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x X x X x X x X x hotttt [Thursday
Aug 4th, at 11:47pm 05 ]
[ mood | FucKKK ]

"*MUMBLER! I honostly can not hear you." Willy Wonka is SeXXXii

Yesterday I like randomly went up to New Hampshire because Ronnie missed me and wanted me to come. So I did like a good girlfriend. It was fun we went bowling, I suck. I do not rock that.

And of course when we got home we had hott sex. Mmmm...

Met his parents, they're nice and funny.

Traffic driving there, traffic on the way home. Got like hit on by some guy in a white truck. C r e e p y.

Well I really have nothing to say, except tomorrow I must clean my room

And of course I'll end it with another random, horny qoute haha.

.-`-`-`-.I'll bend over, if it's for you.-`-`-`-.

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Dancing With You Till The Sun Comes Up [Wednesday
Aug 3rd, at 2:34am 05 ]
[ mood | FUCK ME! ]

Mad bored.

2 new pics on my MYspace.


check it out if your bored too...and comment pics bitches.

So bored, may sit on ass the rest of the night.

Insomnia blows hard.

No one is online to talk to, literally everyone is away.

LALA. I must suck. I should go to bed.

I'm sitting here in a bakini, because I was bored and threw it on and took hott pics. Maybe I'll throw on some PJS, or maybe I'll continue to sit here on the comp like a l o s e r.

Or maybe I'll just leave...

..::*Tell me what you want to hear, and I'll whisper it in your ear*::..

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Jul 28th, at 11:12pm 05 ]
[MoVe YoUr BoDy]

Today I went to Applebees with Russ, I've realized I don't even like him as a person. I was glad I was only with him for an hour and a half, any more and I might have killed myself. They gave me a steak knife, even though I didnt have steak, and I was debating whether to stab him or just end my misery and stab myself. I mean he's a nice guy and all just not my type at all. He's to nice. He's not even the type to be my friend. He's to shy, yeah he like's to party, but you got to be outgoing and have something interesting to say.

Whatever, hopefully no more of that. I mentioned how Smokey Bones has good nachos, because we were eating nachos, and he said "we'll have to go there sometime". AHEM! I'm sorry buddy but I don't want to go anywhere else with you! One outing was enough for me.

Ronnie comes tomorrow, madd souped. I miss him like whoa. <3

Mmmm I can't wait to get him in my bed, haha. That's good timez right there.

Kurt hasn't called me since the little incident at Tasha's with her and Ronnie on the phone with him and his ghetto wannabe home boii. Thank God, I don't need his effing drama back in my life, when my life is actually getting good for the first time. I don't need him or Mike fucking it up like they always do, and must enjoy doing.

[..`..Candle Lit Romance & Hot Sex..`..]
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Jul 28th, at 3:47pm 05 ]
[ mood | WhAtEvAAA ]

Today is boring.

I vacuumed and dusted my room today. Just finished getting dressed and stuff, I'm hanging out with this kid Russ tonight, I'd rather be hanging out with Ronnie. He has to work till 10 tonight, that sucks. Buuut I get to see him tomorrow :-) I can't wait.

I <3 Ronnie.

Well I'm going to go search around LJ.

*XxOo MuaH oOxX*

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Jul 27th, at 10:55am 05 ]
[ mood | crazy like a FOX ]

I can't believe it's 11 oclock! And I'm awake! I've been up since 8:30, only because I had a gyno appointment at 945, so I had to leave at 9:25. I made a nice little egg and toast breakfast for myself. Now I'm thinkin I might pick up my room and vacuum it, also I might move my computer where my T.V is because sitting on my bed and typing is starting to hurt my back. Well if I'm gonna do this I should get going.

*KiSSeZ* & *HuGzZ*

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Jul 26th, at 10:45pm 05 ]
I do have to say my new LJ is bangin.

I just went to Bickfords and picked up some chicken ceaser salad,there is nothin better than FREE food, perks of working there.

I really wanna make a *tape* ((wink wink)) with Ronnie but I don't know how to tell him that, I don't even know if he'd be into tht. We havn't been going out long enough for me to get if he's into anythin kinky.

Maybe I should jus send him some *pics* of myself and see where that gets me.

I miss him.

I cooked eggs for the first time today, I'm very proud of myself. Scrambled eggs with toast. A nice little breakfast for myself when I woke up at 1 p.m haha. I also laid in the sun today but for only 20 minutes, I got too hott. I wish I had a pool, I would of been out there all effing day.

I hope my paycheck is descent this week so I can get my hair highlighted.

X-Rated = Love <3
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Jul 26th, at 8:17pm 05 ]
Juuust testing...
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